lunes, 13 de marzo de 2017


Graphic Art by Telchar

I am very excited that Duna Gant has invited me to present the LEA13: Art Is Rhythm concert series!

Art is Rhythm is a multi artist exhibition Linden Endowment for the Arts granted sim curated by Duna Gant, showing the work of Daniele Daco Costantin (Daco Monday), Kicca IgalyNessuno Myoo, Paola Mills and herself!

Duna will present the opening of the sim on Wednesday, March 15th at 2pm SLT to celebrate the work of all of the artists. There is no musician accompaniment at this event… there is so much to experience with all of the lovely artwork!

This event will be followed by a concert series presented by myself, celebrating the installations separately with musical and creative accompaniment, which will begin days after the opening! Many very talented people are coming together in cooperation and creative expression that is at the very heart of “Art is Rhythm.” Each event, from Dunas opening through the concert series will be unique.

The first event in the concert series comes on the Sunday after the opening, Sunday March 19th, celebrating the work “Before the Silence” by Nessuno Myoo. Ultraviolet Alter will perform live original music with the work, which promises to be a special experience.

There are two facebook event invitations for the Art is Rhythm sim for this coming week. One is for Duna’s opening celebration and one is for the first in the concert series. Join both invitations to hear about both events on the sim!

Stay tuned for the series and I look forward to seeing you at Dunas opening celebration on Wednesday!

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